Is Wi-Fi available?

Yes. Wi-FI Internet is available at our properties. Our property manager will fill you in on the details once you arrive.

Is there enough water supply or does water run out?

We have backup water tanks at our properties for any emergencies.

Is the electricity/power on 24/7?

Costa Rica is a third world country so the power is not available 24/7. There are power outages during the day.

Are there bugs?

Yes there are bugs in Costa Rica. We have mosquito nets at one of our properties.

Towels available?

Yes, linens and towels are available at our properties. Free of charge.

Any hospitals or doctors close-by?

Yes, you can find more information about nearby services and attractions by contacting our friends at Vacation Rentals Nosara.

Housekeeping available?

Yes, a house-maid is available once a week. Included in your stay.